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Jorge Figueredo | Edu-Futuro

"ACFCU really cares about local families."

“All staff members from the President and CEO, the former CFO who was the Treasurer of Edu-Futuro until he retired, and the branch manager, and CSRs have been instrumental on Edu-Futuro’s financial journey. The headquarters are located in a very convenient location and the other branches are always fully staffed, clean and organized.”…


…Everybody at ACFCU is very friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive to the needs of its members.”

Edu-Futuro’s mission is to empower under-resourced immigrant youth through education, leadership development, and family engagement, to become the next generation of professionals who transform their communities.
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John Snedden | Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company

"ACFCU made my dream to power my restaurants with solar and reduce our carbon footprint a reality."

“ACFCU, as a local business person, has been really helpful in that they came out to actually meet with me, come look at the project, and understand what it is we are trying to do. Versus my experience with some bigger banks at times, was in sending your proposal, and it’s “no” or “doesn’t fit our portfolio.”…


…To have that personal touch with the bank and to have the business team come out, really understand what we’re trying to do was a blessing. We have businesses in DC and also Alexandria, but [Arlington] is a unique community, and it’s really about relationships. And I think the business team really exemplifies that as they wanted to develop a relationship with us, and brought it across the finish line and got us the loan, and made our dream a reality.”

Rocklands was created out of John’s home catering business, and now has three locations that serve high-quality barbeque with no added sugar, salt, preservatives, or dyes.

Chris & Melat Burger | alternative OATS

"If we didn't have ACFCU, we wouldn't have our wholesale product line."

“ACFCU came into the picture for us at an absolutely perfect time. We were about to turn one year old. And we had decided to make a move towards wholesale through a partnership we had developed in Washington DC, and the need was to move from pouches into single-serve cups. We had kind of exhausted our credit at that point and we didn’t start the business with a slush fund of cash. And we knew that we had to make this change and reconfigure in order to…


…grow the business but the capital wasn’t there. And luckily we were able to start up a discussion with ACFCU and get some credit headed our way. And we did a couple of other things together that we’re able to free up some cash for us and invest in this wholesale program. It got us equipment, and it helped us buy up inventory in order to prepare for the launch of our wholesale program.

If we didn’t have that relationship come through, we probably would not be sitting with a wholesale product line.”

alternative OATS is founded on the principle of offering a delicious, all natural, and filling breakfast that is not only convenient but keeps you full through the morning. We don’t chase fad diet trends, cut corners or advertise anything other than what we offer: OATMEAL REIMAGINED.
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Dr. Walter Bowman | TeaBow Residential LLC

"ACFCU made my business needs a priority from the very first day and that has not changed since."

“My business became a member of ACFCU last year, in 2021. My first impression of ACFCU was from Kevin Sheffield. He’s very professional, responsive, and accessible. This is critical to me as a business owner and makes me a happy member…


…The relationship I have with ACFCU is intimate in the sense that I immediately knew this bank did not do business like big banks – where you literally come across as just another account holder. ACFCU made my business needs a priority from the very first day and that has not changed since. When I think of customer service and ACFCU I think of a responsive and seamless process. My business experience has been very personable and my loan was completed with ease in a most timely manner.”

Dr. Bowman co-founded TeaBow Residential in 2016 with the ultimate goal of “Building a Difference”. Since the company’s inception, the staff has grown to over 30 full-time construction team members and a full staffed stellar performing development leadership team.

Brittany Greer | Rosie Riveters

"I highly recommend ACFCU to any small business just getting started. Having a business partner that is local, supportive and a quick phone call away is invaluable."

“I live down the street from Arlington Community Federal Credit Union and was interested in banking with a local credit union. I’ve been with ACFCU since 2015. Every team member is enthusiastic about helping fulfill our banking needs and find the correct answers to our questions…


…I’ve never had a bad customer service experience with ACFCU. Every staff member has gone out of their way to ensure that we are well cared for. In the world of small business, ACFCU’s terms are fair, customer service is top-notch, and response times are nearly immediate. As the Executive Director of a small non-profit, I cannot emphasize how valuable it is to know that anytime I have a banking-related question I can pick up the phone and speak with a live person who is invested in helping me answer my questions.

Brittany Greer is the Executive Director & Founder of Rosie Riveters. Rosie Riveters’ goal is to close the gender gap in STEM. The programs work toward achieving gender equity in the field by starting early (they begin in preschool and extend through middle school), engaging repeatedly, and building confidence via an enduring growth mindset.

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Jennifer Price | Read Early And Daily

"R.E.A.D.'s success is just as important to ACFCU as it is to us."

“I knew of ACFCU’s work within the community through Leadership Arlington and was impressed with its community connections. The day I reached out, Jim Wilmot connected me with Kevin Sheffield, who immediately started my application process. The loan I received made a huge impact on getting through the first two months of the pandemic…


…And although R.E.A.D. is small compared to other nonprofits, it was never made to feel secondary. R.E.A.D.’s success is just as important to ACFCU as it is to us. They have their customers’ best intentions at heart. ACFCU is incredibly responsive, helpful, and committed to business members large and small and the Arlington community as a whole. Run, don’t walk, and start doing business with ACFCU today.”

R.E.A.D. believes that families are a child’s first and most important teacher, and we want to empower and honor their role in helping their child develop a lifelong love of reading. Families get to choose each month which book they want their child to receive from a list of five books.

Tanya Sullivan | Plus One Strategic Communications

"ACFCU helped my small business when I needed it the most."

If you are looking for a new financial institution, contact ACFCU today. They will be responsive, timely, and will help guide you through your business journey.”


Plus One Strategic Communications is a communications firm specializing in the rural broadband industry. They focus on culture change like employee and customer surveys, sales culture development and business development plans.
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Zak | Mimi Trucking

"I would highly recommend doing business with Arlington Community Federal Credit Union today."

“ACFCU has helped me with my business for the past 5 years. They are community focused and offer lower rates. I highly recommend doing business with them today.”

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Care Driving School, serves residents in Alexandria, VA and the surrounding region of Arlington, Falls Church and Fairfax, Northern Virginia with a commitment to service and value. It is a DMV approved and court directed driving school.

Wendy Zenker | Arlington Neighborhood Village

"We promote ACFCU to everyone we come in contact with. The customer service and convenience are phenomenal - plus, they have great rates."

“ACFCU doesn’t have competitive rates; they have the BEST savings rates for businesses and consumers in Arlington. ACFCU supports Arlington businesses and residents in many ways…

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In my business role, I learned about ACFCU and over the past three years have transferred much of my personal banking to ACFCU from a traditional long-time Arlington bank due to the more favorable rates of return on [share certificates].”

Arlington Neighborhood Village is an essential piece of the social safety net for seniors in Arlington, providing volunteer services for older adults from all segments of the community and collaborating with the County and senior-serving organizations to make aging in place possible for those who want it. ANV is a trusted source of information and insights relevant to aging-in-place and Arlington’s aging population.
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Zakiya Worthey | K. Lamb LLC

"ACFCU is the business partner you didn't know you needed."

“ACFCU is my business partner in ensuring that I am taken care of and have access to all the information and support I need to create a successful business…

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Everyone – from the people who answer the customer service line to the bank tellers, all the way to the CEO/President Karen Rosales, is truly helpful; and they will go out of their way to assist you.”

K. Lamb LLC is a consulting company that provides strategic business planning, workplace culture and organizational consulting, diversity, equity and inclusion competencies, political services and change management best practices and techniques.

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